By Obed Oluku….

It has become a great concern that Sapele has been abandoned by the governor of Delta State, His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the Sapele LGA chairman Mr. Eugene Inoaghan and the Nigerian police over the increased waves of cultism in the ancient Sapele city.

It is worthy of note that His Excellency senator Okowa has failed Sapele residents. It is a pity that part of his empire is ruled by cult bandits. Sapele has fallen into the hands of cult bandits and despite the huge security vote accruing to the state governor private coffers, he could not address security challenge in Sapele. Except Okowa is telling us that Sapele and Amukpe are not part of Delta State where he governs. Okowa should wake up from his slumber and save Sapele residents from daily cult invasions.

The Sapele LGA chairman Mr. Eugene Inoaghan has failed as well. His failure to take appropriate measures to dislodge cult groups in Sapele were the reason why cult groups have taken over Sapele LGA.
He should shamefully resign. He lacks experience to preside over Sapele residents as LGA chairman. He is displaying ignorance and incompetency about governance. He doesn’t care about the security challenge of Sapele residents. Despite Sapele residents are being attacked daily by marauding cult bandits, he his not worried about it.

It is disgusting that Nigerian police who ought have protect lives and properties is now more interested on bribe collection. The police is aiding and abetting crime in Sapele.
Nigerian police force has failed Sapele residents as well.
It is a shame that collection of bribe has turned a normal norm among police force in Delta State. The force has turned very indisciplined. And should be scrapped. If the police can fight cultism, the way it fought Yahoo boys, cultism will be eliminated from Delta soceity. The faillure of the police could be attributed to the increased cult clashes in Sapele and Amukpe in the recent times.

We urge Comrade Daniel Ezekiel, senior special assistant to the Governor on Security matters to rise to the occasion as well and replicate his good works he did in Ovwian community when cult bandits took seige in the community. He should help to charge relevant security authorities in the area to rise up to their responsibility to ensure lives and property are protected.

Sapele is turning a banana republic. The residents’ lives are in danger. The madness of cult banditry in Sapele is a threat to the peaceful co-existence of Sapele LGA as residents have been attacked frequently and randomly. Girls are being raped and people , including market women are dispossessed of their valuables. It is sad that non of the cult members have been arrested and prosecuted.
The police are now friends to cult bandits and they dine and wine together.

We however call on well-meaning Deltans and civil society groups in the state to prevail on His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the Commissioner of Police, Chief Boro Opudu, chairman Delta water/land security committee and Sapele Council chairman to wake up to their responsibilities of restoring peace ,law and order in Sapele once again.

Comrade Emma’s Keneware
Acting Secretary, Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI.

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