A veteran Journalist in Delta State, Comrade Ezekiel Kagbala has berated the
The World Health Organization, (WHO) for the Global spread of the deadly corona virus also known as Covid-19

In a statement on Thursday in Delta State, Kagbala noted that the United Nations (UN) was responsible for coordinating global public health.

They went slumbering and caught up in a web of gross ineptitude due to their action and inaction that is killing the world and the Anglo-American world power being worse hit by the Pandemic.

They gave in to complacency and plunged the world into global health catastrophe, a deadly global pandemic-Corona virus also known as Covid-19. The nonchalant managers of (WHO), in their egregious misdemeanor are not admitting or regretting their docile attitude and coverup that has led on to the global spread of corona virus.

WHO supposed vital role as actors in the field of international public health policy seems misplaced.

China must have taken advantage of WHO impotency to dodge culpability for spreading Corona Virus globally by their cover-up and greedy commercial tendency to make every part of the globe their market place.

It will be unthinkable if WHO conspired with China to deliberately cover-up the corona virus which broke out in China 2019, a bad precedence and possibly to achieve a worldwide lockdown for them to be the only country producing and selling to the world.

Intellectuals could conclude that WHO did little or nothing to contain the devilishly made corona virus and allowing it to spread massively in the early days it rears its ugly head in China.

The World Health Organization specifically avoided mentioning Wuhan China but de-emphasize where the pandemic began.

President of WHO Tedros Adhanom has remained silent in the face of this unfortunate global calamity born out negligence. Debilitating though, no one is sanctioning China for killing the world and running back to business immediately.

If they (WHO) were not complacent and bedevilled with cruel docility they would have been concerted enough to know that China has a history of mishandling outbreaks, including SARS in 2002 and 2003.

World Health Organization failed to make global alert or call attention to a global health threat especially when the virus was still in its elementary stage in China. They failed to uphold norms and standards for promoting and monitoring global health practices and situations as acceptable with evolving trends.

Corona virus is wrecking untold havock, hardships and death across the globe and the Chinese Communist wants everyone to feel that there was little to be concerned about, thereby downplaying a global death sentence for possible commercial interest.

The once praised World Health Organization’s response to this recent pandemic COVID-19, was shredded in secrecy, cover-ups, lies and repression, they failed to stop the virus from spreading.

The Director-General of WHO should not be shielded from any criticism for gross ineptitude. He deserves sharp criticism even petitions for his apparent reluctance to declare the outbreak a global health emergency from inception.

However, it will now be in the world’s history, that through one country, China, death has spread globally. Now the big question is how and when are we getting out of this global pandemic that has been lingering for months and claiming the lives of young and old people around the world?.

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