Egbema_____ The deadly outbreak coronavirus pandemic that ravaging the world and many world power Nation, embarked on totally lockdown, to avoid the spread of the virus The Niger Delta Ex-warlord General ( chief) Siemens Nisor Beke, the frontline Ex-Militant General in Edo state ,Prominent Chief in Egbema traditional Council, has speaking at the Traditional headquarters of Egbema kingdom Ajakurama town, Ovia south west LGA Edo state, had expressed his grieved for the failure of the Federal and Edo state Government to provide palliatives in this period of national and global lockdown to communities of Egbema kingdom, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to come for their aide,

According to Chief Siemens during a chat with Egbema Voice news , had accused the Edo State government deliberately refusing to send out palliatives to the people of Egbema kingdom and her neighbouring Ijaw kingdoms, he said “Before the Federal Government declared lockdown in some states including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), communities in the Riverine Areas of Niger Delta were already in economic and environmental lockdown,
now the 36 states of the federation set to undergoes another total 14 days interstates lockdown, how the Egbema people will survive this hunger,

He statement read,
I have drawn the attention of president of federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari with this missive to you on behalf of myself, and the hapless, impoverished, neglected and dehumanized people of Egbema kingdom in Edo and Delta States, there is so much suffering in the Kingdom. Our unconcerned politicians in Local, state and federal level of Edo and Delta states government had long held a morbid fascination with the horrors and suffering of the people in Egbema kingdom,

Chief Siemens called on federal and state Government to urgently need to put more effort to help the poor and unfortunate people in our villages and cities in Egbema kingdom, our people are really suffering with hungry, Don’t let our poor people die of hunger.
The people living in these communities no longer see themselves as citizens of Nigerian. Something needs to be done urgently. Oil bearing communities in the Niger Delta are suffering in this manner, severely under the yoke of mindless and barbaric exploitation of the resources in the region,

He reiterated that, It not longer a news for this intentional deprivation, sidelined and marginalization of Egbema people in Government, this continue emotional reflection of the needless bad situations in the kingdom, we had seen senators, federal house of Representative members, House of Assembly members, ministers, commissioners, Council chairmen and other federal and state appointees distributing relief material to there people in Edo and Delta states, but Egbema kingdom had been sidelined, no common reliefs materials to the good people of Egbema kingdom, because the Egbema kingdom had been buy cuffed for appointment in above States Governor’s and the Government of Edo and Delta states.

Your Excellency sir, people are dying of needless hunger in the midst of plenty. The entire Egbema people in Edo and Delta states are agrarian they are producer and food baskets of Nigeria, but the above two States have been sidelined the Kingdom for ethnicity and tribals sentiment, NDDC have abandoned Udo/Egbema roads project, we have been in perilous situation for decades, No roads to the neighbouring communities, and economically activities, no electricity since Nigeria came to exist on Earth, no Government installation, no single hospital, no pipe borehole water, no health center, our pregnant women are dying everyday, we live like third class citizens in the world,

He stressing that , It is unimaginable to see the level of depredations and squalor people are enmeshed in all the country that supposed to be competing favorably with the Western countries!, Egbema kingdom wealth can adequately take care of the entire people of the Edo and Delta states, but the resources have been take always. Even Niger Delta resources can also feed the entire country without any problems.

He further appeals to the President to mobilize the Chief Executive Officers (Governors) of Edo and Delta States to begin a revolutionary palliative measures to advance the poor people’s welfare right now in Egbema Olodiama, Furupia, Gbarun, and Okomu kingdoms in Ovia south west, Ovia North East and Warri North LGA of Edo and Delta state,

General Beke reiterated on behalf of the voiceless people of Egbema kingdom, urges the Edo and Delta states Government to swiftly do something palliative to cushion the effects of the famished situation in Egbema kingdom. Poor and vulnerable people are hungry. It is disheartening and sad to see Edo and Delta states with beautiful and poor people you love to be in the unending man-made predicament.

The listening President sir, as you urgently look into this emotional calls and give impoverished and poor people succor to save their lives.

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