The prophet of the synagogue church of all nation prophet TB Joshua has prophesied that the coronavirus outbreak that has been slowly taking lives will be eradicated on the 27th of March, since yesterday people has been counting the time to see if the Prophecy will indeed come to pass.

Some are waiting to jubilate with the man of God while some are waiting to castigate him but just yesterday it was confirmed that six people has recovered from the coronavirus in Nigeria, although people are saying that it is not as a result of the prophecy but some also believe that the Prophecy of the man of God is coming to pass, if it is not as a result of the prophecy then why did it happen yesterday. I know that some people will not believe but i want you to know that the coronavirus can not just disappear in an hour or even a day but by what we are seeing the coronavirus has started to diminish and i know that before the end of today more people will recover from the virus because God will not put his prophet to shame.

And also China who is the highest carrier of the virus has recovered, if China can recover from the virus then why won’t other countries recovered from it as well

Let’s not forget that what will believe is what will work for us because there is power in our mouth and it is only what we believe that will work for us

If you believe that more people will recover from the virus before the end of today say a mighty Amen.


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