People should realise that it is not the driving force of praise and overwhelming support which keeps the wheels of a government moving but also the steering force of people’s participation which keeps a check on government, and modify it, if the policies fail to meet the expectations of society as a whole. If people’s criticism reaches the government’s ear at an appropriate time and in significant numbers, then a lot of resources of the governmental machinery can be utilised wisely for some other activities which are brought to notice by the people themselves.

Some often believe that the praise and support of people are very crucial for maintaining efficient governance as it keeps leaders and bureaucrats motivated to work more to increase the overall output of governmental activities on the ground. This is true in practice too but it should be kept in mind that the power vested in the hands of its people in a democracy is not only for blindly praising the government but it should be used as an aid to advise and correct the government whenever required so that the efficiency and quality of governance is maintained at all times.

I believe that when the public lacks access to good roads, modern school infrastructure, electricity and primary health care center as seen in the case of the Tubutoru people of Ondo state, one begin to wonder what their governments is doing. It is also long overdue for the government of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to live up to its commitment of good governance and extend it’s arms of development to Taribor Community and it’s environ in other to discontinue the utter neglect by successive governments of ondo state who only find their way down to the creeks during electioneering campaigns and abandon them after support have been given to win elective posts.

It is rather too sad and shameful to know that the Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s governance is giving selective service to the people of our dear state thereby delivering developmental projects in some areas while neglecting others for no specific reasons.
It would interest the public to know that there is no visible Government presence in Taribor Community and in the whole of Ebijaw ward Six. The primary responsibilities of any serious government is to appointment those who would serve as his eyes and ears whose duty would be to visit every nook and crannies of the state in a bid to bring development closer to the citizenry both in the urban and rural areas to be all inclusive in other to better the lots of its people.

A few years ago, this Governor, the Government of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu coming into office made a speech assuring the people of this state that his administration would be holistic in its efforts to develop the state and deliver “the dividends of democracy to all.” This phrase got me thinking about what was implied as against what has played out in this three long years in Ondo state.

I would like to assume that many of us have come across the word ‘dividend’ on many occasions, and
the definition of that word as used in governance.
A democracy is a government elected by the people and is obligated to govern with the interest of the masses at heart. Therefore, the dividends of democracy are simply the benefits enjoyed by the masses who voted for the government in power.

If we drew parallels between Ondo state and one of the South West States we would be able to see how terrible the performance on his promises is regarding the People of Ebijaw ward Six. It disheartening to note that all this years dating from the late Agagu’s administration till this very day there is no single dividends of democracy delivered to the peace loving people of Tubutoru kingdom in Odigbo local government area who have continued to suffer neglect and marginalization in the cruel hands of the government.

No Roads, no hospital, no electricity and the only Government primary school (St Timothy A/C Pry school) which was founded in 1945 is currently in a state of total collapse with a dilapidated building which is only still standing due to little communal efforts by the Taribor Community for many years.
The school building cannot boast of desks and tables for pupils who now sits in the floor to learn on a daily basis because we have a Governor who is only concerned with eyes service projects to be posted on social media to gain cheap popularity amongst his colleagues…

It should not be a matter of debate that a democratic government is one that exists primarily to protect, provide basic goods and services and increase the quality of life of every member of the society it serves. It should not, but as we have come to see, this is many times not the case. It baffles me to know that in a 21st century state like ours in Ondo state the people still suffer through hardship and lack of development even though the people of Tubutoru exercises their Civic duties during elections thereby making great inputs by giving the State over 5000 eligible votes every election year.

I am saddened today and afraid by the fear of tomorrow because there’s abject poverty in the land.
There is no single health facility in Taribor town or any part of the Ebijaw ward , there’s no skills acquisition center to engage the youths, no network service provider for easy access to Communication to the outside world, no clean drinking water, no lights, no roads for farmers to transfer their goods to markets for better opportunity, school which is the only hope of the common man’s child is near shutdown for lack of teachers and basic training materials like desks and tables and chairs, no textbooks and reading material.

The government must build a new political and economic system that works for everyone, and not just a fortunate few, it’s primary objective should be to think of a way to take many out of generational poverty. Creating social change, building new hope and creating jobs by providing opportunities for the youths to strive while making sure to guide the fragile health of the elderly who can barely afford quality health care in the society at all costs.

Again; election is only few months away and they would visit and sweet talk everyone into believing that things would be different and make promises they can’t keep. But the people of Tubutoru would no longer be fooled. Never again will we carry out franchise in the name of law abiding citizen of the state. We’re going to boycott this election. Unless the Arakunrin Akeredolu government realize it is the common man that holds the power and come down to the creek to have a town hall meeting with our people and make an agreement that his government would be held accountable for, we would remain isolated.

Beyond this, the Government must make deliberate efforts to address the above as quickly as possible if this reelection means anything to him. educational reforms that focus on developing new skills through robust and well-funded technical and vocational education and training programmes for those the teaming youths of Ebijaw ward outside the formal school system, or who possess only a primary education. private-sector partnerships through incentives and social impact bonds as well as boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems with strong emphasis on apprenticeships are key ways the government can help to spur growth, as has been proven in other countries. A word is enough for the wise as the saying goes.

In view of the above the good people of Tubutoru would not indulge itself ingloriously sending praises to attract good face of the government in other to lobby for development from the Akeredolu led state government over what’s due to us. Just few months ago heavy floods ravaged homes and destroyed properties worth millions of people in Taribor Community and throughout the kingdom leaving women and children homeless which forced them to live under trees for over three weeks. The clips of the incident report was sent to this government through the State ministry of information, State House of assembly and print media with efforts to call on his Excellency Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to come to their aid in other to send relief materials which is what is required of a responsible government but yet turned blind eyes.

We will prevail no matter how long it takes to move the Tubutoru people out of this bad government. Furthermore we would make public the state of the St Timothy primary school located at Taribor Community amongst other things in our next publications to tell the global world and the United Nations that there’s high level of marginalization going on beneath this online Governance in our dear Ondo state.

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