ABUJA, Nigeria – Former lawmaker representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district, Shehu Sani, said coronavirus should unite the people of Nigeria, since it’s a collective challenge.

In a statement he personally signed in Abuja on Wednesday, he said, the reality of coronavirus has shown the level of rot in Nigeria’s healthcare as a result of years of neglect by the elite and political leaders.

The former lawmaker did distribute items to some religious organisations and the Nigerian Correctional Service in Kaduna.

He wrote:

“Coronavirus is a challenge to the wisdom, resilience and spirit of Humanity.

“Coronavirus should inspire us to stand together and fight together.

“Nigerian elite and political leaders have neglected and destroyed the public health care system over the years and we are now in the days of reckoning.

“Coronavirus will not bring an end to the World but will surely return it to its beginning and basics where love, brotherhood and compassion was its spirit.

“Mythical Islamic and Christian religious leaders preaching against medical advice represent a serious threat to combating the spread of the virus in Nigeria.

“If Coronavirus were to be a poor man’s disease, many could have perished and be buried in an unmarked grave.

“If Coronavirus had came during electioneering times,Political leaders could have distributed free and customized sanitizers, masks and ventilators.

“Nigerian political leaders should seek forgiveness from God and from their poor people.

“The World has forgotten God until Coronavirus came.

“Coronavirus in the villa is not just a medical issue but a national security problem.

“Its Calous and inhuman to tell people to stay at home without providing for them any form of palliative,relief or support to take care of their families.

“Don’t just tell people to wash their hands and wear masks with empty stomach”.

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