Convener of the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement, NDSDM, Annkio Briggs has thrown her weight behind the the establishment of a regional security out fit in the Niger Delta.

Annkio said this while addressing newsmen in a press conference in Port Harcourt, the River state capital in reaction to a recent publication by a faceless group over the regions plans to setup a security outfit.

The Amazon Queen emphasized that the Niger Delta region has every right and constitutional backing to put up security measures in the wake of incessant killings and rise of threats to life in Nigeria.

She further assured the region’s Governors of the people’s backing and support to push ahead with their plans to establish a regional security outfit, as the security of the people is ore paramount.

The statement reads;

The attention of the Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM) has been drawn to publication by an unknown faceless group and signed by persons who were unknown throughout the years of agitations in the Niger Delta, and published in a national news paper and some online news outlets; warning the Governors of the Niger Delta not to go ahead with the proposed Regional Security Network.

The NDSDM ordinarily would not react to such statements as we believe the Governors of the Niger Delta have the capacity to engage such groups, however, so that fear and falsehood do not take the place of rational thinking we make the following points:

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  1. The NDSDM has been in the forefront of the agitation for a responsible and responsive regional security framework for the Niger Delta in the face of palpable failure of established Security agencies to effectively tackle the insecurity raging on in Nigeria. Recent attacks in the Niger Delta especially in Delta State in the past two weeks as confirmed by the Governor of Delta state clearly demonstrates that the established security can no longer be trusted to safeguard lives and properties of the people in the Niger Delta Region.
  2. The fear expressed by the group of misuse of the Security outfit by the Governors is purely an alarmist posture meant to derail the process and serve the interests of their sponsors who want to cause division and leave the Niger Delta defenseless and weak in the face of ongoing security breach. The perceived fears are unfounded because the regional security platform will have checks on how it is to be managed properly spelt out.
  3. Any group genuine in their fears and not meant to serve a selfish purpose, would have explored other means to communicate their reservations to the right source and not rush to the press giving the impression that the people of the Niger Delta are disunited or disorganized. Let it be known that in this matter of our security the peoples’ of the Niger Delta are united with their Governors and sponsored agitations engineered by any group or groups will not deter or defer this justice and legal process.
  4. The NDSDM again reiterates its belief that a regional security network is urgently needed to stem the tide of insecurity in the Niger Delta by criminal activities and the attacks on and killings of Indigenous people of the Niger Delta people in their ancestral homelands by strange men.

The NDSDM assures the Governors that they have the support of the people and should therefore not be deterred or distracted by any group, groups, person or persons who are on a personal agenda to derail the process to secure our region and people and leave our people weak, defenseless and vulnerable.

It is our basic and guaranteed human right to demand of our Governors, security of our lives and properties.


Annkio Briggs

Convener, NDSDM

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