Amnesty Interim Committee: Don’t bite Off more than you can Chew, IPDI Tells Buhari_Coastal Times

The Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative, IPDI, has faulted the appointment of a northerner as the interim coordinator of the presidential amnesty programme by the president.

The group condemned the decision of the president, in a press release made available to Newsmen, which was signed by the groups National President, Comrade Austin Ozobo. Where he further expressed his displeasure over the undue decision of Mr. President.

It reads:

Our attention has been drawn to the unscrupulous, barbaric, unpopular and provocative appointment of Northerners as chairman and members in the just suspended board of the presidential amnesty programme.

It is our candid advice that President Muhammadu Buhari should not bite off more than he can chew. He should stop playing politics with the amnesty programme. This is a display of hatred and envy for Niger Delta region and the Niger Delta amnesty programme.

We want to state unequivocally that the appointment of Hausa/Fulani as interim chairman and members of the presidential amnesty programme is an affront and a slap on the face of Ijaw nation.

Buhari Government is turning irresponsible. Though, we are not fret, neither panic on the barbaric appointment because we are equal to the task. Buhari’s decision to appoint Fulani/Hausa into the amnesty programme is unceremonious ,inimical and capable of threatening the existing peace in the Niger Delta region.

There has been sustainable peace in the region because of the amnesty programme. We can’t be cowed. We reject every attempt to impose leadership for us in the presidential Amnesty programme.

We want to state again that the Amnesty programme is not meant for Hausa/Fulani caliphate, and they can’t represent us in any capacity in the amnesty programme. We will reject it with our blood as we make bold to reject the interim amnesty committee headed by the Hausa/Fulani Gambaris.

The presidential Amnesty programme is for the Ijaws agitators and few other beneficiaries in the southern Nigeria and not for Hausa/Fulani hegemony.

It is our appeal that Buhari should avoid anything that will make the creek to boil again, and that Nigerians should hold Buhari responsibile for any breakdown of law and order in Niger Delta region.

Buhari ,you have no moral right to appoint Hausa/Fulani in the amnesty programme when you have not appointed an Ijaw man or any Southerner as coordinator in the Northeast development board.

Mr. President ,you are provoking the creek warlords to return to the creek and I want to state that Nigeria will loose more in such situations.

The region produced the national cake and it should not be taken for granted. Try and sustained the existing peace because the country can’t survive another oil war.

We are surprise that you are playing politics with the Niger Delta amnesty programme which was created with the blood of Niger Delta agitators. It is appalling that you are acting as a sectional president and we are disappointed.

It is our demand that a new Ijaw coordinator of the amnesty programme be appointed without further delay to avoid any breakdown of law and order.

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