Chief Dennis Otuaro has been called upon to make himself available to take over the mantle of leadership as coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and restore the lost glory of the scheme.

One of the Niger Delta young vocal activist of Egbema extraction who was very instrumental in the fight for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta region from the Nigerian state from1996 to 2009, Alaowei Chief Promise Lawuru made the call through an open letter to Otuaro.

In the letter titled ”Niger Deltans will hold you responsible if you relent in the bid to resume the office of PAP to overhaul the dilapidated amnesty programme ”, Lawuru opined that it is only a man who is passionate about the Niger Delta challenges that can effectively do the job.

He likened Otuaro to the biblical Jonah who was called to bring salvation to the sinful city of Nineveh and reminded him to consider the consequences faced by Jonah when he refused to heed the call and instead attempted running away from it.

He wrote ”Chief Dennis i know that you are a Christian so therefore quickly join me and turn to the book of jonah chapter 1 and read from verse 1 to 2.then if you read further you will find out that the lord send prophet Jonah.”

”And Jonah wanted to run away from the presence of the Lord and the Lord sent a very aggressive winds to the ship Jonah was hidden and speak to him if anything happened to the occupants of the boat you wil give account of their blood. Same thing apply to you chief Dennis.”

He noted that large percentage of beneficiaries under the amnesty program from Akwa-Ibom and Ondo states are calling on Otuaro to say yes to the call for service to humanity. ”If you say no or relent it will serve as a disrespect to us Niger Deltans.” He said.

He added that ”Everything have time and season and that is why Godwin Abbe handed over to Timi Alaibe and Timi handed over to Hon . Kingsley Kuku and Kuku handed over to Brig. Gen, Paul Boroh and Boroh handed over to Prof. Charles Dokubo and it won’t be a bad idea or see it as Ijaw fighting Ijaw if Dokubo hand over to Otuaro.”

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