The apex youths body in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Gbaramatu Youths Council ( GYC ), on Saturday the 8th February, 2020. Called on the Coordinator of the presidential amnesty program, Prof. Charles Dokubo, to give peace a chance by bowing out of the office.

The youths body made this call in a press release signed by the president of the body, Barr. Christopher Etuemi Wuruyai. Of which a copy was sent to Coastal Times.

Barr. Wuruyai pointed out several reasons why Prof. Dokubo needs to leave the office, as his continuous stay in the office is rather causing unnecessary tension and disunity in the region.

He further stated that, Prof. Dokubo has lost the confidence of Niger Deltans, and have misunderstood the essence for the establishment of the amnesty board. Therefore, should leave the office for other capable hands to manage.

It reads:

Prof. Charles Dokubo should ease himself out of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty program office or be prepared to face a very determined action of the Niger Delta people in no distant time. We have had enough of his consistent undermining of the program established to solve real issues ranging from full disarmament of the Niger Delta agitators, complete rehabilitation of ex-agitators and full reintegration of the ex-Niger Delta agitators back into the Nigeria society to stand firm as proponents and ambassadors of the needed peace in the region to usher in the long awaited development. Contrary to this blue print, the present leadership of the program headed by Prof. Charles Dokubo have rather decided to totally undermine the program and derail it from its very essence to a reduced state of mere gesture for youth empowerment which we know very well is script of his political cohorts who does not mean well for our Niger Delta region nor the country.

The Antics of sharing items such as Generators, sewing machines, welding machines bags of cement wheelbarrows etc that could be best described as Christmas gifts which he called starter packs to gullible youths of the region for which we strongly believe is one of the ways they use to defraud the system and siphon money meant to give quality education to beneficiaries of the program as well as the proper establishment of skilled beneficiaries in various businesses of their choices that has been media hyped as a way to save his head from the wroth of the Niger Delta people who are gradually becoming very agitated by the systemic destruction of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Program. We are vehement in our resort to any possible means within the ambit of the law to ensure that this program is rescued from the hands of this evil strange bird fellows who are hell-bent to totally destroy the program. We are fully aware of the ploy to frustrate the ex-agitators and the Niger Delta people with the present leadership of the program led by Prof. Charles Dokubo to exhibit an unpatriotic spirit evident in the lack of political will to deliver on the mandate of the program and gradually allow things to degenerate to a well orchestrated tension in the region that will possibly necessitate the call for scrap of the program as its need will no longer be visible, rather seen as another platform for criminal minded politicians to defraud the nation. We will not allow this evil antics by a few Niger Deltans together with their political and business allies from other parts of this country to prevail as we are ready to do anything possible to rescue this all important program established by the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2009 to pave way for the promised development of Niger Delta region by sustaining the existing peace in the region.

Furthermore, Prof. Charles Dokubo as an illustration son of Ijaw land, should know that Ijaw sons and daughters sacrificed their lives in the Niger Delta struggle for self determination which saw the help of other well meaning Nigerians from other parts of the country home and abroad who share solidarity with our struggle by joining their voice in the advocacy against the age long deprivation of the region despite its rich oil deposits and continues exploitation activities before we could manage to turn the face of the Nigeria Federal government to look critically and holistically to the Niger Delta plights for which the Presidential Amnesty program was created to ensure the promised development thrive. And if Prof. Charles Dokubo as a well read son of Ijaw land who we totally respect for his academic and personal achievement continue to allow himself to be used as tool in the hands of those who are determined to totally destroy the Amnesty program by all means possible because perhaps they were not the initiators or they owe political grudges against certain individuals of the region who they perceived as critical stakeholders of Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty program, we as citizens of Niger Delta region will not sit back and watch them have their way. Therefore, even if President Mohammadu Buhari wish to allow this evil under his watch by ignoring the various out cry of the Niger Delta people calling him to relief the coordinate of Presidential Amnesty program of his duties and save things from gradually getting totally out of hand, we are very sure that we will have no option to do the very needful and rescue the Amnesty program and allow the people who understand the fundamentals of the program to come onboard and sail it in the right direction.

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