Niger Delta ex-militant leaders have blamed the frequent agitations and protest by angry youths from the region to the policy of exclusion being adopted by some state governors in the region.
Ex-militant leaders under the aegis of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative (LPCDI), said the youths feel being sidelined by state governors in the region, while advised Governors need to look into the pains of the youths especially the oil rich communities and make the region workable for the youths.
This was contained in a Communique issued at end of a meeting held in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State and signed by its National President, Chief Reuben Wilson (aka Pastor Reuben), noted that the bulk of the problems in the Niger Delta lies with the involvements of the State Governors.
Pastor Reuben pleaded with the Governors to call on Oil companies operating in the oil rich communities to order, stressing that the governors need to intervene for the companies to employ youths who have been trained and are qualified to work in these industries.
He accused the State Governors of not engaging the youths in their states with appointment in order to reach out to their local people and communities.
General Pastor stated that one of the grievances among the angry youths in the region was attributed to the fact that programmes initiated are benefitting outsiders in detriment of the host populace.
According to our Correspondent, the meeting was widely attended by 90 percent of the First Phase Leaders, they throw their weight behind the leadership of Prof. Charles Dokubo as the Chairman, Presidential Amnesty Programme.
According to the statement, there is a noticeable change in the workings of the Amnesty office under Professor Charles Dokubo, stating that the support for Prof. Charles was not lip service but for confirmation of the good works he is doing with the Amnesty Programme and the on-going projects like various empowerments, Skill acquisition trainings, and even Education for the Niger Delta youths emabrked upon over the years.
His words: “We also took time to plead with all aggrieved persons to channel their complaints properly instead of creating scenes that will bring about disunity. They reminded that such critics has led to untimely dismissal of Niger Delta leaders from office in the past”.
Urges Buhari for completion of East-West road,
Pastor Reuben called on President Muhammad Buhari to intervene and fast track the completion of the East West road, Clean Up of Ogoniland.
The National President also pleaded with President Baluhari to extend an olive branch to some youths still carrying arms in the creeks, and called on arms carrying youths in the creeks to come out and embrace peace.
Spokesperson of the group, Hon. Joshua Opia, who spoke on the Politics in the Niger Delta Region, urged the Governors to stop with the blame games and get down to work.
He asked the Governors to use the resources of the state wisely and create jobs for the jobless in the states in order to attract development to the region and reduction of crime and criminality among youths in the region.
Hon. Emeka Igwe appealed to the acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission to look into the problems of the Niger Delta people, urging the Commission to live above board.
“We know that Mr. President appointed her to develop the region and pleaded with her to go into action and rejuvenate all abandoned projects and develop the Niger Delta region as it is the mantra of the commission”, he stated.
The group called Boko Haram insurgents to stop the killings and fighting, urging them to lay down their arms as the Niger Delta ex-agitators did.
“The group however wonders what the fight is all about but also pleads with them to lay down arms and settle what ever matter it is amicably. With this, it will bring about unity in the country as we all are one people”.


  1. Good mvt kudos to the leaders they are speaking well if the interests is for all the boys of the programs when it comes to play, and again Leaders this is our time also to talk about minimum wage as well either they av already increased our own too we need to know, we can’t be remained with 65k forever abi are you people forgotten plz do something. Because we need it very seriously has others their getting theirs we too need our own. Thanks.

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