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The Ijaw Interest Advocates otherwise known as Izanzan Intellectual Camp, on Sunday the 5th of January, 2020. Decried the systematic delay of the popular Ayokoromo Bridge project.

The group expressed their displeasure in a press release jointly signed by the group’s national coordinator, Amb. Yerinmene Salaco Jr, Secretary of the group, Comr. Ebolo Sam and the spokesman of the group, Comr. Famous Belief Wonikiri-ebi. Which a copy was sent to Coastal Times.

In the press release, the Izanzan Intellectual Camp, express their dissatisfaction and displeasure over the nonchalant attitude of Ijaw leaders in the state over the abandoned Ayakoromo bridge project. Despite knowing the potential economic importance of the bridge to the state.

It reads:

“We the leadership of the Izanzan Intellectual camp, use this medium to unequivocally accuse Delta Ijaw leaders for being responsible for the abandonment of the Ayakoromo bridge project, for the past 5years.

We are knowledgeable of the fact that some of the leaders do not want the bridge to be sited in Ayakoromo, despising it’s economic importance.

Subsequently, we had fought against developmental injustice melted on Delta Ijaws by the Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa led Delta State government. Yet, the same Ijaw leaders and their followers tagged us as sponsored young men, who wants to truncate the effort of the government; invisible effort in the riverine communities.

It is a lamentable fact that same leaders beguile the gullible Ijaws that reside in the creeks that Okowa is a road master, Okowa is this and that, in order to misconstrue our revolutionary actions and inactions. Yet, there is nothing to show visibly that Okowa is working.

For the past few days we have seen disgruntled behaviors of some Okowa apologist behind the scene, but for selfish reasons these leaders would never express their grievances before their master. By this, we have been vindicated by the notion that Okowa’s Audio achievement does not smell anywhere close to the riverine areas.

In spite of the above, we are once again appealing and calling on Chief Dr. E.K Clark, Senator James Ebiowou Manager, Rt. Hon Julius Pondi, Hon. Asupa Forteta, Hon. Pullah Ekpotuayerin and Rt Hon. Godknows Angele, to quickly take the bull by the horn for the accomplishment of the economically important bridge project”.

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